Prolity Corporation

About Us

Prolity Corporation is a highly agile, responsive and client focused organization. We have extensive operational expertise in the areas of Defence, IT Security and Public Safety. We are dedicated to the delivery of premium quality professional services in the areas of engineering, analysis and management to our clients and to the development of effective and innovative technical solutions for them.

Across the Defence, IT Security and Public Safety domains, Prolity offers an exceptional combination of first hand operational field experience, detailed knowledge of business, system and technical requirements and applied expertise in developing technical solutions.


Prolity was founded in the summer of 2001 and is a privately held, Canadian-based corportation headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario.  From the very beginning, Prolity focused on delivering premier professional services to its clients. Building on the experience of its founding members, the company initially focused on delivering management and technical services to the Canadian military. However, Prolity's unique blend of operational experience and technical expertise created a natural evolution into a wide variety of services to defence, public safety and security organizations. Prolity has developed core technology, products and methodologies that fill key capability gaps facing many organizations. We continue to pursue our mission of enhancing our clients’ operational readiness and effectiveness through innovation, creative use of technology and hard work.

Mission Statement

“Enhance our client’s operational readiness and effectiveness”