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Defence and Security

Long term planning and capability development

Capability development, long term planning and the associated thorough analysis form the foundation of future operational effectiveness. A demanding operational tempo combined with new and rapidly evolving threats and operating concepts creates a challenging development and management environment for growth in military capability. Prolity ‘s commitment is to support our defence and security client’s capability development and delivery with the knowledge and skills required to ensure success.

Prolity’s Defence and Security services include:

Capability Development and Management

Prolity has the multi-disciplinary experience and expertise to provide solutions to difficult long-term planning challenges. Prolity works closely with military staff to provide support in a number of ways, including:

  • Capability, Concept and Doctrine development
  • Advanced studies on specific capability areas
  • Strategic planning
  • Force transformation planning and analysis
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Operational and System Architecture development and support (DoDAF, DNDAF, etc)
  • Information Management processes, policies and tools
  • Data modeling and interoperability analysis
  • Requirements development and management
  • Options Analysis
  • Military project and program management
  • Operational and System Validation Testing.

System Engineering and Technology Development

Prolity has significant experience in system engineering and technology development.  We offer our clients increased flexibility and capability in the development of their technology and systems through access to the right combination of expert skill sets.  Prolity has a breadth of knowledge that allows us to provide the following services:

  • Network Management
  • Network Architecture
  • Application Management
  • IT Asset Inventory
  • System Management
  • System Design
  • Gap Analysis
  • Functional Capability Analysis
  • Multi-media interoperability: voice, email, chat, structured data, web services
  • Integration of complex military C2IS systems at all levels: network, data, applications, system management and user procedures

Software Engineering

Prolity has extensive experience in all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle. Prolity’s software engineering capabilities include:

  • Software requirements development
  • Software analysis and design
  • Database design and management
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Automated report creation processing
  • Developing Linux and Windows applications
  • Cross-platform development
  • Developing GIS applications
  • Developing Web-based Applications

Modeling and Simulation

Modeling, simulation and validation testing are well-established best practices for larger projects.  Prolity has developed a unique skill set within this domain, which encompasses the entire capability lifecycle: concepts, requirements, development, implementation, testing, validation and fielding.

Prolity can provide comprehensive modeling, simulation and validation testing services such as:

  • Operational scenario and requirements modeling
  • System modeling and analysis
  • Simulation, mock-up and trial development and implementation
  • Synthetic environment technology development
  • Validation test plan development and implementation
  • Field trial development and implementation.


Our services support you from concept development through to deployment and support.  Prolity’s expertise helps clients solve complex, challenging problems involving advanced communication networks, decision support systems, voice and data convergence, security, system usability and supportability. We have been on both ends of the IT spectrum, as field users and designers, and we use this experience to keep solutions on track with real world requirements.

Prolity’s Rapidly Deployable Command Centre (RDCC) is an example of Prolity’s technology development abilities. RDCC provides communications and command capabilities through “any device to any device” integration of radio, telephone and wireless network communications.  Prolity’s solution has been employed as the nucleus of a primary command centre, an extension to a command.   Prolity’s PTTConnect™ software is an innovative and unique adaptation of VoIP technology that provides true half-duplex push-to-talk functionality to any telephone user.  A regular telephone keypad is used to “key down” and “release” the radio net, with audible feedback to the user when he or she is transmitting on the radio network.  PTTConnect ™ provides a simple, distributed “any to any” device extension of push-to-talk radio networks with built-in floor control, time-out and override features.

Prolity can help you with requirements, architecture and design, as well as, implementation, delivery and support of solutions supporting command, management and communications during critical missions and operations.  Whether you need systems, services-or both-Prolity can help.

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