Prolity Corporation

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Operational experience, practical and cost-effective solutions.

Prolity offers extensive first-hand operational experience across first responder, municipal, provincial, federal and large interagency deployments. We are agile, responsive and customer-focused, providing practical and cost-effective solutions.

Prolity's Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness services include:
                           - Threat Risk Vulnerability Assessments
                           - Plans Development & Implementation
                           - Exercise Design & Conduct
                          -  Training Design and Delivery Complementing this experience base, we have authored a comprehensive Emergency Preparedness and Management framework and supporting detailed play book that covers all aspects of preparing for and managing emergencies: human, organizational, technical, procedural and training.

Prolity's Emergency & Consequence Management Framework is designed to be highly flexible and adaptable to meet the needs and requirements of small, medium, large and complex organizations. Our experts can analyse existing structures, processes, procedures and plans or develop new solutions. Our methodology is adaptable from the enhancement of a single process area, up to the development of complete Emergency & Consequence Management Strategies and Plans. Our balanced approach ensures that all aspects - your people, your technology and your organization are ready when an emergency or crisis occurs.
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